Spokane Midwives

Birth Center

Welcome to our Birth Center. We are located at 127 E. Euclid in Spokane, Washington. Our state-of-the-art facility is centrally located for the Eastern Washington and North Idaho region to serve your birthing needs. View pictures and our video tour by clicking below.

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Birth Center

Birth Suites

Our birth suites have a very home-like atmosphere with a small sitting area for family. The attached bathroom has a large birthing tub for laboring and/or delivering in.

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Birth Suite

Individual Care

Our focus is on the basic normalcy of pregnancy and birth, without routine intervention. We plan your care with you, to suit your individual needs. You will have the ultimate choice in your care and we will vary our methods and offer you as many alternatives as possible.

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Individual Care


Victoria Garwood LM,CPM

With over 20 years of combined midwifery and natural birth experience, I look forward to helping you and your family to have the birth experience you desire.

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Midwives Victoria, Dawn, Eva

Home Birth

Helping you create the birth experience you desire in your own environment is one of our greatest joys. Research shows that familiar surroundings can reduce discomfort. We bring all the necessary skill and accoutrements to welcome your baby peacefully, and safely, into your own home.

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Victoria with Grandchildren

Spokane Midwives

Positively effecting our world; one mother, one child at a time.

Oil on linen.  “The Midwife” by Loren Entz. From http://www.lorenentz.com/the_midwife.html

Why choose a Midwife?

            If you are considering a natural birth, then history tells us you should choose the loving support of a skilled Midwife.  Throughout history and around the globe Midwives have been the primary birth attendants, overseeing and protecting the birth environment while mothers labor and birth, then supporting women during the early weeks of new motherhood.  The time and attention you will receive from a Midwife far exceeds what you will find in modern obstetrics for normal, healthy pregnancy.

            Licensed Midwives are out-of-hospital birth specialists. We are specifically trained to care for the birthing woman in her own environment, in the position she chooses, with the people she decides to have with her.  We carry emergency equipment and medications for those unusual events that can occur during birth, as well as consult and transfer care when the need arises.

Why choose Spokane Midwives?

            We believe you are the governess of your own body. Pregnancy is filled with decision making that only you can do. Our role is to accompany you safely through the process of pregnancy and birth using our experience and knowledge as a compliment to your personal history; that which guides your individual choices, your unique preferences, and your lifestyle. We will offer you tools and support, encouragement and empowerment while you nourish your growing baby and bring him or her into the world by your own strength. Whether you catch your baby, your partner, or the midwife, our goal is that you will have pleasant memories of the miraculous event.

All women deserve excellent care during this exciting time. Spokane Midwives serve women of every race, religion, culture, color, and sexual orientation. Licensed Midwives may serve birthing mothers who are over 16 years of age according to the law.

What about the siblings?

One of the greatest pleasures of attending home births is the participation of the children in the family. We encourage children, when appropriate, to participate in the prenatal. We hope they will feel comfortable with us, and the term “Midwife” will be a part of their childhood that carries into adulthood. We often ask the children to hold the measuring tape, use the Doppler, or inflate the blood pressure cuff during prenatal visits. A new sibling is a momentous event for them that we feel privileged to witness. 


Hours of Operation:


Clinic Appointments
Tuesday 9:00 ~ 5:00
Wednesday 9:00 ~ 5:00
Thursday 9:00 ~ 5:00

Business Office hours
Monday - Thursday      9:00 ~ 5:00

Midwife on Duty for Current Clients:
24 hrs per day, 7 days per week at (509) 326-4366

Please note: The Birth Center DOES NOT have 24 hour staffing. You MUST always call for Midwife availability. We can only care for those clients who have completed the intake process and have given us a detailed medical history. If you have a need or an emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest Emergency or Minor Emergency facility.